2017 – Family, Friends and Fun

I’m not good with making and keeping resolutions, and let’s be honest, who really is?  So I’m not making a specific resolution for 2017, I’m just going to make more effort to do the things I want to do…getting outside more and camping or hiking, running races (or triathlons), spending time with family and friends…and less time at meetings, saying yes to things I don’t really want to do, and doing my best to make sure work stays at work.

I also want to make a point of seeing more friends in real life and less on social media – the friends you say you’re going to get together with, but never do because you’re both “busy”. I’ve already taken step one and made plans for next Sunday with friends I haven’t seen since my wedding! Looking forward to more of that this year. (Who wants to schedule a date??)

2016 was a fantastic year, and while it might be hard to top it in terms of specific things we did, I’m excited about the things to come in 2017. We might not be going to Yellowstone, but I’m looking forward to many weekend getaways in the Roadtrek. I might not get to travel to the Skirt Sports 13er in Colorado, but I’m already signed up for races with friends here in Michigan that will be a blast.

And who knows, maybe I’ll actually keep up on my blog this year. Since I did such a bad job of that in 2016, here’s a brief recap of some of the major things from 2016:

Taking a two week trip out west to places like Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, Yellowstone
Attending NAIAS Charity Preview
Trip to Florida with family
Winter Camping at Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Attending the Skirt Sports Ambassador Retreat and 13er in Colorado and meeting my Skirt Sisters
Visiting a friend in Colorado I hadn’t seen in 16 years
Attending the Roadtreking gathering at Porcupine Mountains State Park, my first time to that part of the UP
Happy Birthday Kenzie!
Trip to Walt Disney World with my parents for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
Happy Birthday Lainee!

































Other highlights:

  • Serving as Vice President for the Lansing Jaycees and doing service projects throughout the year
  • Our youngest graduating high school and starting college
  • Meeting three Disney
  • Being an Ambassador for Skirt Sports
  • Getting a PR at the Bayshore Half
  • Two visits to Mackinac Island
  • Started a new job at Michigan State University
  • Lots of camping trips in Michigan, as well as Indiana and Ohio
  • A surprise Ziplining adventure for our anniversary
  • Walking the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day
  • Running Ragnar with 11 other awesome women!
  • A work trip to DC allowed me time to see old friends
    and meet new ones
  • Running many miles with the Monday Night Hangovers
  • Attending many shows at the Wharton Center (including Wicked, again!)
  • …and many more things like movies, dinners with friends, game nights.

Cheers to 2016 and here’s to Family, Friends and Fun in 2017!


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