2017 Skirt Sports Ambassador

It’s been a busy last couple weeks, and while I’d planned do a short recap of everything, I don’t want to muddy up messaging, so I’m sticking to one topic this time and will catch up the rest later.

Skirt Sports Retreat 2016

2017 Skirt Sports Ambassador

I found out this morning I was selected again to be an Ambassador for Skirt Sports for 2017. I was truly honored to be chosen last year, and even more honored that they’re letting me continue. It’s a bit cliche, but I couldn’t ask for a better company and brand to associate with, and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in the product (bonus! The clothes aren’t just for working out, but for traveling, hanging out with friends, work, weddings and more!), and the founder (Nicole DeBoom), and the mission (#REALWomenMove). While of course the overall purpose of an ambassador is to bring awareness to sell more product, there is so much more to Skirt Sports.

That mission I mentioned, #REALWomenMove, is about showing that all women — no matter their height, weight, color, athletic or non-athletic ability, age, or anything else — have the ability to do what they set their minds to. I consider myself in-shape and athletic to a point, but I’ll be the first to admit that my motivation most days isn’t great. I’d much prefer my comfy pants, sitting at home with my family watching tv, eating ice cream — not running outside in 20 degree weather or pouring rain.

But everyday I see posts from the other Ambassadors who are out running hundreds of miles in all weather conditions and what happens? I get inspired that if they can do it, so can I. So last night, when it was cold and rainy (AGAIN! Seriously Michigan, it’s winter, where’s our snow?!), instead of wimping out and going home, I donned my shoes and jacket and met my running group for a (very wet and soggy) 3 mile run. Our shoes were soaked, but we enjoyed good conversation and some nice hot soup afterward. And I felt great for doing it.

Skirt Sports is not just a clothing company, but a Sisterhood. You meet strangers out on the trail or in a race because they’re wearing some Skirt product and you instantly connect. I’ve met women from all over the world due to the Ambassador program, women who I now call friends. As such, I look forward to another year representing Skirt Sports and spreading the #REALWomenMove movement.

Note: I will have a discount code to give to friends and family beginning February 1, so let me know if you’re interested. 

*** Required disclaimer: I do get a clothing allowance and a few other perks, but the praise is all mine, and I’d be wearing these clothes even if I wasn’t an ambassador!***



One thought on “2017 Skirt Sports Ambassador

  1. I love the SS Sisterhood! It’s the family I never knew I was missing! It’s that bond that, until you experiece it, you don’t know what it’s like! Glad to be part of it all!


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