Race Recap – Bayshore Half


Fav outfit
Adam’s First Half!

Let’s get it out of the way: Bayshore Half Marathon 2017 didn’t go as planned. This was the race I’d been training for since January. My goal Sub2 race with my #sub2crew.  However, due to the illness and injury previously discussed, that goal wasn’t in the cards. I probably shouldn’t have even run, but stubbornness won out and I did it anyway.

Bayshore fav outfit
#Sub2Crew pre-race

I finished in 2:08:12  – – I thought it was a PR until I looked at last year’s time and realized it was 2:08:05…. close enough to count as a tie! I figure if I ran it that fast while I was in horrible pain for most of the race and walked more than I ever have, I’m confident I can make my goal when I’m healthy. Onwards and Upwards as they say.


Basic race recap:

Bayshore Half Marathon.

Location: Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. Date: May 27, 2017

Clothing: Gym Girl Skirt, Wonder Girl Tank and Visor (Skirt Sports), ProCompression socks, Saucony Kinvaras.

Drove to Traverse City Friday afternoon for packet pickup at the Traverse City Central high school. Wasn’t toobad, walked right up and got my packet. Checked out the merchandise for sale but didn’t see anything I wanted. Did enjoy some free cherry juice one of the sponsors was handing out though (I’d tag them, but at the moment I’ve forgotten who it was).

We were staying with relatives, and they were grilling for dinner. Since I wasn’t sure greasy burgers would set well, I opted for a grilled portobello mushroom cap and sweet potato wedges. Topped off by a slice of homemade cheesecake – at that point, I couldn’t resist, even if it probably wasn’t the smartest idea 🙂

It seemed too early for bed but I knew 4:45a.m. would come early. I laid out Flat Jessi and read for a bit to calm down. Lights out around 9 and luckily I did fall asleep shortly after.

Race morning arrived and we boarded buses at the high school by 5:30 a.m. to take us to the start of the half marathon. (The 10K and the marathon start and end at the high school by completing an out and back loop, but the half marathon starts halfway up the peninsula and runs across and down, ending at the high school.)

Monday Night Hangovers pre-race (Don’t mind my pjs)

Race didn’t start till 7:30 but it takes a while to get there, plus have time to warm up, stretch, eat and use the porta-potties a couple times. (For some reason, the lines were extra long this year, and I heard later that some people missed the start of the race as they were still in line.) Weather was perfect, low 60s and partly cloudy. We hung out with Monday Night Hangover and took pre-race photos.

Cousin Megan

This was also the first time racing with my cousin…we’ve been at the same events before but it never worked out until now.

This is by far my least favorite starting line. You’re standing in a road staring up at a hill…not a little hill, but a half-mile long hill that just goes up and up. It’s daunting from the get-go. And you never even know when the race is starting. Despite blasting music all morning, when it’s time for the race to start there’s no sound…no “Racers are you ready” no “countdown” no sound of any kind. The only way you know the race has begun is when the pack in front of you starts to move. So bizarre.

I knew immediately it was going to be a long race…even just the first few steps were painful, my knee twinged and sent pain up my thigh. Oh well, keep on moving. Up the hill, down the road, up and down the rollers as we crossed the peninsula and headed for the flat road along the lake shore. Again, not a fan of the hills at the beginning…not that I’d really want them later in the race, but early on means you don’t get into a good rhythm until mile 3 or so.


I was running with four others and by mile 4, all but one of us was dragging. That perfect weather I mentioned? That didn’t last long. The humidity crept in, the clouds burned off, and it was soon 75 degrees with 80%  humidity….add in lots of pollen and it made it tough to breathe. We slowed down a bit, walked through the water stations, stretched and kept on moving. We’d pick up the pace now and then, but kept finding ourselves slowing down. If I stopped for too long my ITB/knee seized up and that was worse, so it was better if I kept moving, even slowly. I was also having a hard time with my energy and liquid intake. My gels weren’t going down and the water was sloshing.

The rest of the race went similarly…I was struggling with my knee and one friend was struggling with his hip and we knew our sub2 goal was gone. But we trudged on. I wanted to quit about half a dozen times (who am I kidding, it was about every step!) but my buddy Adam wouldn’t let me. Even when it was obvious he could run much faster and finish ahead of me, he stuck by, encouraging me all the way to the finish line.

Did I mention this was Adam’s first ever half-marathon? What a trooper to put up with me the whole time. I had originally planned to be his support, and in the end, he ended up being mine. That’s what friends are for!

The start line might be the worst, but the finish is one of the best. Awesome finisher medals and Moomers Ice Cream! So delicious and just what I needed. They also had a tent full of other snacks, but food didn’t sound good, well, except for the ice cream!

Bayshore MedalMoomers
Medal and Moomers!

I had another friend running the full marathon and I’d told her I’d meet her at the finish. Since that wouldn’t be for a few more hours, I went back, showered, changed, ate, relaxed then walked back to the high school to see her finish. What an accomplishment…she was injured too and I have no idea how she did 26.2 miles; I could barely do 13.1!

Spent the rest of the day relaxing and in pain…which is pretty much how the whole rest of the weekend went. I’ve never hurt so much after a race….due to the ITB pain, I’m sure I compensated in ways I didn’t even know I did, and overused other muscles. It took 5 days for me to walk normal again 🙂

All in all…it wasn’t the race I wanted, but it was a good race. Probably my worst one in terms of how I felt, which is funny considering I tied my PR time. So I can’t call it a bad race. It was a good race in its own right.

Will I do it again? I don’t know. It’s a nice course, the spectators are awesome but after 2 years it might be time for something new and a chance to do something different Memorial Day weekend. We’ll see. Registration opens Dec 1. 🙂

Bayshore Ari
My best fan! 




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